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Why and How I Changed My Name Legally

Have you thought about changing your name legally?

Or even just adopting a new name such as an artist or stage name?

Or you may know someone who wants to call them by a new name?

If your answer if yes to any of the questions above, then definitely keep reading.


I just wanna share my quick story with you here. 🙂

You are also welcome to watch my videos I made on this topic.

The first video is more about my ‘why’, and the second one is about the process and how to deal with unsupportive family and friends when it comes to changing your name.

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Vegan Handbag Photoshoot, Driving Lessons and more

In this post I wanted to share my latest video with you. I feel like this time I will stick to making videos consistently. It’s actually a lot of fun for me, it’s something I enjoy and want to become better at. It’s also a great way to share your views with the world, to be seen, to connect and spread a positive message.

You’ll hear me talk about our recent photoshoot with a friend and why I’m taking driving lessons to get my license only now at the age of 33. And some other random stuff. 😉

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How to feel better and turn a bad day around

How to Feel Better – My Five Tips

Today wasn’t the best day of my life, I have been feeling really crappy. Actually let me just say this: I’ve been feeling fucking shitty. There you go.

It happens to me, still more often than I would like it to. BUT I do have this ability to turn things around and get myself out of a funk relatively quickly.

When I woke up this morning I had no idea what I’m gonna write about today, but thanks to the fact that I’ve been down most of the day, now I have a good topic to share with you. Look for the silver lining!

I truly believe these tips can help you feel better – if you implement them.

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Living in Contrast

It’s so peaceful here, sitting in the garden, in the shade, in this old chair, typing away, and thinking how my words might reach you on the other side of the planet.

I’m so grateful for this – the warm breeze, the smell of the flowers, the dogs hovering around me. I am filled with love and gratitude.

Our garden stretches far out, so green, so soothing for the eyes and the heart. After all green is the color of the heart chakra, and I think it’s no coincidence.

The grass, the trees, the flowers, the birds – everything seems magical right now. And somewhat sleepy I must say.

This is a small village and as I am writing this, a rooster just started crowing. How funny!

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how to know you are on the right path. Follow the signs from the Universe

How to follow the signs of the Universe

Do you communicate with the Universe? How do you know you’re on the right path?

How do you read the signs?


A few days ago I said to myself that I’m gonna get up at 6am and go for a long walk by the nearby fields and forest before breakfast. I love to combine physical activity with something else, and to make the most of my time, I decided to listen to podcasts during my morning walks.

My favorite shows are about business, mindset, manifestation, relationships and conscious living.

By the way, if you haven’t yet, you should totally read my previous blog post on keeping the promises you make to yourself. Because by keeping your word to yourself you’re going to be able to develop self-trust and self-confidence.

These morning walks are one of those promises I kept, so I feel great about myself.

How to follow the signs of the Universe. Forest walk. Get on the right path.

But let’s get to the point now. How do you follow the signs of the Universe – or your higher self?

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