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Why and How I Changed My Name Legally

Have you thought about changing your name legally?

Or even just adopting a new name such as an artist or stage name?

Or you may know someone who wants to call them by a new name?

If your answer if yes to any of the questions above, then definitely keep reading.


I just wanna share my quick story with you here. 🙂

You are also welcome to watch my videos I made on this topic.

The first video is more about my ‘why’, and the second one is about the process and how to deal with unsupportive family and friends when it comes to changing your name.

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Vegan Handbag Photoshoot, Driving Lessons and more

In this post I wanted to share my latest video with you. I feel like this time I will stick to making videos consistently. It’s actually a lot of fun for me, it’s something I enjoy and want to become better at. It’s also a great way to share your views with the world, to be seen, to connect and spread a positive message.

You’ll hear me talk about our recent photoshoot with a friend and why I’m taking driving lessons to get my license only now at the age of 33. And some other random stuff. 😉

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