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How to feel better and turn a bad day around
How to feel better and turn a bad day around

How to Feel Better – My Five Tips

Today wasn’t the best day of my life, I have been feeling really crappy. Actually let me just say this: I’ve been feeling fucking shitty. There you go.

It happens to me, still more often than I would like it to. BUT I do have this ability to turn things around and get myself out of a funk relatively quickly.

When I woke up this morning I had no idea what I’m gonna write about today, but thanks to the fact that I’ve been down most of the day, now I have a good topic to share with you. Look for the silver lining!

I truly believe these tips can help you feel better – if you implement them.

Here you go:


Know that it won’t last forever


When we feel depressed and down, we tend to believe that things will never get better.

So it’s your job to remember that life is cyclical, and nothing lasts forever, energy is constantly moving and shifting. I know there are times when it’s super difficult to believe it can get better, but please, just keep telling yourself that.

Know that easier times are on the horizon. Just by thinking that you’ll already notice raising your vibration. This way you release the resistance you hold against feeling so crappy. Many times we stay in a bad mood or depression way longer than we should just because we try so hard to get out of it, because we are fighting against it. Instead, just know it won’t last forever, surrender and believe that tomorrow or even within a few hours you might see things entirely differently.

Look for the good stuff


I know, I know…when you’re so depressed and feeling awful, you are convinced that everything sucks, your whole life is fucked up and there is no reason for you to live. You may not even need to go that far in your thinking to feel down. The point is, when we are in a funk, we have a certain kind of resistance toward feeling good. Did you notice that?  

If that is true for you, I would like you to try to shift that anyway.


Ask yourself: what thoughts would make me feel better right now? Your brain will automatically look for an answer. These are seemingly small things, but can make a HUGE difference in terms of how you feel. So keep asking yourself that question. Start to look for the good stuff. Look for something you like in your surrounding, in yourself, or anything else, such as a funny meme, or movie, or a compliment that someone gave you a while ago.

You’ll see how quickly this will shift your energy!

At the end of the day, when you step into a gratitude mindset, you leave no space for sorrow.


Talk out loud


Yeah, right. You can talk out loud to yourself, even record yourself talking as if you were having a conversation with someone else about your issues and feelings. OR, just talk to someone you trust. Pour your heart out.

I noticed that using the sound of our voice is so important. Speak about your problem, intend to be solution oriented and compassionate with yourself.


Move yourself


When we feel depressed, we have stagnant energy and low vibration.

I know it can be pretty hard to lift your ass off the chair when you’re that deep in your depression, but you have to start somewhere. If you feel incapable of going to a yoga class or a hardcore workout at the gym, that’s okay!

Just go for a walk, move your body a little bit. And most importantly, pay attention to how you carry yourself, as it can greatly affect your psychology.

Open your chest, take a deep breath and lift your chin up. Do it at least for a little while, and if you get back to depressed mode just try again.


Take the focus off yourself


You might not like to hear what I am about to say, but here is the truth.

When you are depressed, and feeling down, you are living in your ego, you are obsessed with yourself. You are usually wallowing in your own pain, playing the victim, feeling sorry for yourself. When you are down, you feel that you are the most unfortunate person in the world, and that everything is against you, everything revolves around you and so on. I speak from personal experience.

I’m not saying you should be hard on yourself or that you should not give space to these emotions. No no.

I’m simply saying that if you shift your focus off yourself to something else, you will feel better.

Ask yourself: who could I help today? Who is in an even worse situation than I am?

How can I be of service today?


Seriously, it doesn’t have to be a big thing. You might help your neighbor unpack groceries, you may go and donate to an organization, you may give a compliment to a friend or even just someone on Instagram. Spread love. You have more to give than you think.


From the bottom of my heart, I truly hope that these tips have been helpful for you. They helped me a great deal today as well, and I’m grateful I was able to use this experience to share my thoughts with you.

What are the ways you make yourself feel better?

If you have any good tips, please comment below.


With love,





  1. Rowen says:

    Singing a favorite song really loudly helps me shift my energy and starts the ball rolling to feeling better. I guess it works similarly to working out. It requires taking in more oxygen.

    • oliviabella says:

      Absolutely, thank you for sharing that! Interesting, how lately I’ve been into singing! It’s so liberating – even if you just sing to yourself. 🙂

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