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have more self-confidence by keeping the promises you make to yourself. trust yourself.
How to have more self-confidence. Create success in your life.

Keep the promises you make to yourself

Yesterday on the bus I have been listening to The Model Health Show podcast hosted by Shawn Stevenson. His latest episode with Ed Mylett had a really profound effect on me I must say.

I would like to mention two major takeaways I had from this podcast.

One has to do with how we can have more self-confidence and the other one is about being inspired to create the most successful version of you.

Ed was talking about that gray area when you grow up in a middle class family, not too poor, but not rich either. And that area in the middle is the most dangerous in a way, because things are usually not bad enough for you to push you out of your current situation, but they are not great enough either, such as in most wealthy families, when kids can have excellent education, a healthy mindset about money, good social connections etc.


Apparently, there are not many uber successful people from that gray area, the lower middle class. Simply because there is no urgency. There is always just the right amount of comfort that can keep them complacent and mediocre.


That is of course a general rule and observation, but I could totally relate to it. Especially with my current situation I am in.


Ed says: the comfortable road will never take you to the person who you are destined to be.


And that’s so true. With constant comfort we tend to become complacent, lazy and we lose purpose.


So when there is no external urgency to push us forward for instance, we have to create that internally. We have to remind ourselves of why we want to achieve great success, what our goals, values and visions are and never lose sight of them.


It requires a strong mentality, discipline and creating a self-image that is aligned with our vision and value system.

One of the most powerful ways to remind ourselves frequently is to envision ourselves before our death and who we can possibly become if we use all your potential.


What is the ultimate result you want in life, how you want to feel before you die? What legacy you want to leave behind? Compare that person on their deathbed to the person you are now and see how big the gap is. Are you close, are you on the way, or your current version has nothing to do with that future self? 

It definitely inspires me, scares me, challenges me and puts things in perspective.


Another important revelation I had while listening to their conversation was about self-confidence and ultimately self-trust.


He says: self-confidence comes from keeping the promises you make to yourself.


I realized I haven’t been keeping those promises I made to myself.

And I wasn’t even fully aware this until now.

No wonder I can’t trust myself considering that most of the times I bail on myself, don’t keep my word, or don’t take myself or my business seriously enough. I’ve been subconsciously sending myself the message that I am just not important enough, some other people know better. Therefore I can’t rely on myself or trust myself.

Here is a simple but powerful example: I keep telling myself, that I will wake up at 6am, but I never actually live up to it, and every morning I hit snooze until 7am instead.


Or I tell myself I would finish a certain task by the end of the day, and a week later it’s still not done.

If I was working in a job, I would not have another choice but complete the task. So why don’t I care more about my own opinion, and being approved by myself?

Why don’t I wanna live up to my own expectations and standards?


This is something I am determined to change, put myself first, value myself, and go for it 100%.


Hope these ideas help you as well to recognize parts of you you might have been neglecting, or areas of your life where you haven’t been keeping your promises to yourself.


If so, in what way haven’t you been keeping the promises you made to yourself?

Do you find yourself sinking into comfort and mediocrity?

What do you do in order to get out of it and get back on track?


Hope my post helped you with discovering these questions for yourself.

Would love to hear your thoughts and comments below!

With love,



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