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Living in Contrast

It’s so peaceful here, sitting in the garden, in the shade, in this old chair, typing away, and thinking how my words might reach you on the other side of the planet.

I’m so grateful for this – the warm breeze, the smell of the flowers, the dogs hovering around me. I am filled with love and gratitude.

Our garden stretches far out, so green, so soothing for the eyes and the heart. After all green is the color of the heart chakra, and I think it’s no coincidence.

The grass, the trees, the flowers, the birds – everything seems magical right now. And somewhat sleepy I must say.

This is a small village and as I am writing this, a rooster just started crowing. How funny!

This slowness can be good for the soul too –  to recharge, to dive deep, to listen what’s inside, to get to know the self.

I’ve been resisting being here from the very beginning. Because it never really felt like my own choice. But..I have to take care of a few more things, get stronger emotionally and financially before I can continue my journey in the world. So I rather look at this as a retreat.


I moved back here, to my home country temporarily, after having lived in Spain, Switzerland and New York.

Especially after coming here from New York City it felt like a huge contrast. Because let’s be honest, it is!

The buzzing cosmopolitan has nothing to do with this remote village in Hungary.

I enjoyed living in NYC, in many ways it inspired me – the buzz, the people, the fashion, the accessibility, the streets. Still miss it sometimes.

The big city has its downsides too of course. It’s hard to find a quiet place, or fresh air for that matter. The constant construction noise and beeping horns can wear down your nerves for sure.


This contrast is fascinating to me. How people live their lives in one place as opposed to another.

I feel blessed I can experience both and choose what I prefer.

Actually I prefer something in between. While New York is really cool, full of opportunities and awesome people, I can’t imagine living there my entire life. I need a place slightly more chilled.


The village where I’m currently living in Hungary is pretty and quiet, but it’s actually very far from what I want. It feels isolated and can get incredibly boring, making it more difficult to lead a social life, to get inspired, or to take action and so on. Generally speaking the energy is rather low here.


As I said it can be a good thing – for a period of time. So my intention is to enjoy these beautiful quiet moments in nature as much as I can and as long as it lasts. This has also given me the opportunity to spend more time with my mother, share ideas with her, build ourselves stronger and wiser together.


My ideal place is somewhere near the ocean/sea, close to a bigger city, but not in the midst of it, warm climate all year round, inspiring people, luxury, beautiful places and landscapes. Sounds cool, right?  


Marbella area on the Costa del Sol in Southern Spain is one of such places. I used to live there, and it’s really close to my heart, so I’m likely to go there next.


Other such place is Los Angeles, California area. Haven’t been yet, but I have a strong calling within. I know it’s coming and will get there soon.


We can experience contrast in many other ways as well: we can be rich or poor, ecstatic then depressed, energetic then exhausted, high and low, full or hungry and so on.


Knowing the extremes is great, it helps you gain perspective, it helps you understand people. It helps you develop a full range of emotions and experiences in life.

But somehow the most fulfilling state, at least for me, is in the middle, that point of balance.

Therefore I strive of balance. That’s a place I can always return to.


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