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Vegan Handbag Photoshoot, Driving Lessons and more

In this post I wanted to share my latest video with you. I feel like this time I will stick to making videos consistently. It’s actually a lot of fun for me, it’s something I enjoy and want to become better at. It’s also a great way to share your views with the world, to be seen, to connect and spread a positive message.

You’ll hear me talk about our recent photoshoot with a friend and why I’m taking driving lessons to get my license only now at the age of 33. And some other random stuff. 😉

You might know I run a vegan online boutique as well, so I got some of the bags delivered to my house and decided to have some photos taken of them, or rather me wearing them!

It was such a fun process I gotta tell you! Luckily a girlfriend of mine was up for the challenge to take fashion and lifestyle photos of me.

FYI these pics were taken with my iPhone 5s, could be better in quality, but I still love them, and I think they turned out pretty.

Plus I really enjoyed modeling – as that is something I used to do quite regularly.

with evening chic vegan handbag

Loved the color of this wall and the natural lights, they were really flattering.

Oh, and this pink wall was super cute! There wasn’t actually a lot of wall surface so I had to be clever with posing and then editing.

pink wall and vegan handbag

The other two were taken by the church wall, just so you know. 🙂

posing with vegan handbag

And there you have it, I can smile too. 🙂

smile and pose with vegan handbag

In my vlog I also talk about taking driving lessons, and how driving a car can be indicative of how we “drive” our life.

Other things mentioned in the video are:

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