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Why and How I Changed My Name Legally

Have you thought about changing your name legally?

Or even just adopting a new name such as an artist or stage name?

Or you may know someone who wants to call them by a new name?

If your answer if yes to any of the questions above, then definitely keep reading.


I just wanna share my quick story with you here. 🙂

You are also welcome to watch my videos I made on this topic.

The first video is more about my ‘why’, and the second one is about the process and how to deal with unsupportive family and friends when it comes to changing your name.


Ok, so let’s dive in!


My name is Olivia Bella, but it hasn’t always been this way as you might have figured. Duh. 🙂

I’ve been struggling with my previous given name for quite a long time before I came to conclusion that I need a permanent change and that I need to start with a clean slate.

You see, I had a lot of negative associations with my name before. It felt heavy. I felt I was stigmatized by it. And even though I didn’t hate the name, I didn’t quite feel like myself either. I didn’t feel free and confident when I had to introduce myself. Furthermore I didn’t wear my family name with pride.

Apart from that I found it very frustrating that no one really could pronounce or spell my name properly. It was a difficult name to write and say for anyone who is not from Hungary.

And, if you know me even just a little bit by now, you know that I am a very international girl.

I have lived in Spain, Switzerland and in the USA, and also studied in England, plus even if I was living in Hungary, I am running an international online business as well, I am building a personal brand, that requires using my name.

My previous name just didn’t cut it, wasn’t good enough for me.


I am sure many of you can relate already at this point.


So, what did I do about it?

I consider myself a very intuitive being, and I got a hint that I should call myself Olivia. I got simply enamoured with this name!

Initially I just used it as a middle name, adding it on Facebook and other social media platforms, but I soon faced the issue that no one was actually calling me Olivia.

I had to take a stand, and claim the name for myself. I started asking my friends and my mom to call me Olivia. I started introducing myself like that to any new people I met.

Anything I ordered online I got it addressed to Olivia from then on.


If you watched my first video, you also know that in the beginning I wanted to adopt the middle name Isabelle and as for my last name I wanted to use Sky. Olivia Isabelle Sky sounded perfect, so artistic.


Unfortunately though, names that don’t spell Hungarian are not allowed by the authorities in Hungary. I only found this out once I started the legal name change process.

Prior to that I have been using Olivia for almost a year already, and got used to it.


To anyone trying to change their name, I suggest they try it first unofficially. Ask the people you trust to call you on your new name, start introducing yourself like that and just feel into it.

It’s a good idea to make sure you really want it and that you feel certain and comfortable with this change before making it legal.


So back to my story…I had to pick another last name basically. For some reason I wasn’t disappointed. I knew it was for the best and that I will find something that truly resonates with me.

I hit up the family name directory and started browsing. That’s how I found ‘Bella’!

I was like, holy shit! This is really cool that Bella is a last name in Hungarian because it’s also a female first name. On top of that it’s related to my other favorite name Isabelle.


It was clear from then on, that Olivia Bella was going to be a winner name!


The whole process took about 2 months, I had to hand in my request and wait for a court order to confirm that I am allowed to have that name and had to sign a paper saying that I don’t violate anyone’s personal rights by taking up this family name.


After that, you know, it’s time to change all your documents and anything you have on your name.

It’s not as daunting as it sounds to be honest.

The biggest trouble I had was with some bank accounts, but everything is doable.


It feels amazing to have a new name – I have recreated myself, it’s a different energy and vibration.

What happens when you have to deal with unsupportive friends and family??


First and foremost I’d say that we should try to handle all this with love and patience.

If your family or friends are being against your new name, know that it’s not about you. It’s simply their own resistance toward change and most likely they are confused. They don’t know how to relate to you, they might be afraid of losing you, or might be questioning your past you had together.


That’s why I think it’s important to do your best in trying to let them know how important it is for you and that it doesn’t have to change anything between you.

Approach the situation with compassion, and try not to take their potentially mean comments personally.


At the end of the day it’s your life, you are living for yourself not for others. So if worst comes to worst and there are people in your life who keep pushing you down and are not willing to call you by your new name – you might have to distance yourself and move on if the situation allows.


It’s a brave thing to change your name, especially as a woman. Many times we are expected to change our name only when we get married, and that is considered normal. But how about adopting an entirely different name just because you wanted it?

I think that’s courageous and empowering. It is also scary of course.

But we all know that on the other side of fear lies freedom. 🙂


Feel free to watch the videos I mentioned, and reach out to me if you have any questions or if you would like to share your story.


Talk to you soon,



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